About Eye Candy, Mental Blocks and Blocks Round the Year

I see to have hit some kind of a mental block trying to do calculations for the Layout Option 3 for the Round the Year Quilt. So I decided to share the real blocks that people have been making, using the free Block of the Month patterns on this blog!  Links to the patterns for these blocks are given towards the end of this post.

A few of the Dahlia blocks had been shared earlier, on  this post. Here comes some more magic…

Block 1 Dahlia

Cindy Ellerbe's Ribbon Dahlia
Cindy Ellerbe’s Ribbon Dahlia
Vicky Trerotola
Vicky Trerotola’s Purple Dahlia
Revathi Sampath
Revathi Sampath’s Blue Ribbon Dahlia
Jaya Parker's  Colour Wheel
Jaya Parker’s Colour Wheel

Block  2 Evening at the Pond

Anuradha Ramesh
Anuradha Ramesh’s Rainbow lights up the Evening at the Pond
Devi Nair
Devi Nair’s Peaceful Evening
Diptee Raut
Diptee Raut’s geese circle a green-blue algae infested pond against the pink sunset!
Jaya Parker
Jaya Parker’s gorgeous colour wheel!
Vicki Trerotola EveatPond
Vicki Trerotola’s purple evening…


Here are blocks 3 and 4 by Vicki…

Vicki Trerotola
Vicki Trerotola’s Card Trick
Vicki's Sapphire Fire - actually, her Amethyst block!
Vicki’s Sapphire Fire – actually, her Amethyst block!

This is the test block that Anuradha Ramesh did for me , Block 4, Sapphire Fire.

Anuradha Ramesh's Block 4
Anuradha Ramesh’s Block 4

After Anuradha finished this block, I came across a picture of a gemstone that is uncannily similar to her block – the Ametrine.

The Ametrine - a gemstone
The Ametrine – a gemstone

Isn’t that amazing?

Those of you who are interested, can find the block patterns on these links. There are step by step instructions for making them, too!

Block 1 Dahlia

Block 2 Evening at the Pond

Block 3 Card Trick

Block 4 Sapphire Fire

Before I sign off to do more calculations on the third layout option for the quilt, I will let you have a peek at what I am designing…

Layout Option 3 - inspired by the Chopsticks Quilt by oneworldfabrics.com
Layout Option 3 – inspired by the Chopsticks Quilt by oneworldfabrics.com

Wish me luck! And happy quilting to you 🙂




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