The Chakra Block for India’s 75th Independence Day

The pattern for this gorgeous 15″ Chakra (Wheel) circle block set in an 18″ square is foundation paper-pieced and much easier to sew than it looks! And there are so many ways to use it!

The Chakra Block Pattern is now available on my Madspatch Ecwid Store! Check Link below.

The Chakra (Wheel) Block from my Dreamcatcher Quilt has to be my absolute favourite. For one, it is a tribute to my country, India!  Secondly, it is designed by me, not based on any other quilt block that I have seen.

Why not celebrate India by making your own Chakra? The pattern is now available on my Madspatch Ecwid store!  It is surprisingly easy to piece the paper-foundation paper piecing way, and assembly is also simple enough. The half-circles could be appliqued, fused or even omitted if you don’t feel up to it!


The block, a 15” square set in an 18” circle was designed as the tenth block in the Dreamcatcher Round the Year BOM quilt. However, like the other blocks of my quilt, it works great as a stand-alone small quilt! Here are some great options for you!

You could use just the centre circle as a great-looking round table runner.

The Chakra Block in its original Dreamcatcher by Dusk colours

Make it in the original indigo and white of our flag and bind with a green and saffron double binding to make it look special!

The Indigo and white Ashok Wheel round table runner with a tricolour double binding!

Substitute the colours on the pattern and make a couple for a pair of gorgeous tricolour cushion covers.

A pair of cushions in the saffron, green and white of the Indian tricolour

…Or you could combine with another two blocks from my store, the Lollipop Candy and Dahlia; add a 1.5” border and sashing to make a table runner 21”X 60”!

Or perhaps join four blocks two by two to make a stunning wall-hanging!

Of course, you could always make the 16 block Dreamcatcher quilt! Nine of the blocks are already available on my online store.