Feathered Star , Block Thirteen of the Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt

The Feathered Star is one of the prettiest traditional star blocks. It looks deceptively difficult to piece, but comes together beautifully, everything falling in place just so! While drafting it for Block 13 in the Round the Year Quilt, I could avoid the ‘y’ seam altogether by a small change in the paper piecing pattern, making […]

Sapphire Fire – Block Four of the Round the Year BOM Quilt and some Paper Piecing Tips

Sapphire Fire is the fourth block in the Dusk colourway in the Block of the Month Quilt, Round the Year. The templates and instructions for the other colourway “Rainbow” have already been posted last week. Like the previous three blocks, this one is also paper foundation pieced and finishes at 18″ square with a 15″ […]

Rainbow Evening at the Pond – Block Two, Round the Year, Block of the Month Quilt

This, EVENING AT THE POND, the second block in my Block of the Month quilt ‘Round the Year’ , is a favourite of mine! For those of you who came in late, this quilt is being made in two colourways. The first, Dusk is in blues, oranges and yellows of a  brilliant sunset, while the second, Rainbow is […]

Dusk Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt : Fabric Requirement – Downloadable file

Dusk Round the Year I had this horrible nightmare last night, where I had given the wrong fabric requirements for the “Round the Year” Block of the Month I am hosting! In the morning, I checked, but all seems to be okay, except the requirement for 36″  background fabric which I increased to 3.5 metres […]